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    Verify emails
    Automatically verify email addresses for format, domain, mx-records, and ports. If your MAP is natively supported there's no need to created fields or what so ever!

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Why VerifyThisEmail

Prevent bounces! New email addresses are automatically marked as invalid, stating reason, without you even sending the first email.
Improve your lead scoring! Improve your lead scoring by deducting points for invalid email addresses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a free SMOps account?

Before you can purchase licenses for SMOps Software solutions, you must first create a free account.

How does it work with my automation platform?

Though it works as stand-alone, more features are available when you integrate with a natively support marketing atuomation platform or crm.

How does it work as stand-alone?

Though more features are available when you integrate with a natively support marketing atuomation platform or crm, it also works as stand-alone.

Will the license be automatically renewed?

We don not want your data and processes to break down by mistake at the end of the license period. So your license will be automatically renewed. But you can disable this feature in your account at any time. If auto-renewal is set, your license will be extended with the default license duration 24 hours before your license will expire.

What happens when my license expires, when it is not renewed automatically?

You can still log in (to renew), but your email addresses will no longer be verified.

How will I be invoiced when I upgrade?

Upgrading equals purchasing a new license. However the remaining value of the current license will be deducted from the invoice of the new license. Example: your current 12 month license is worth 1000, which you purchased 6 months ago. So the remaining value is 500. This amount will be deducted from the new license your acquire when you upgrade.

Native Integrations With

Marketing Automation

Current native integrations:


Current native integrations:


Stand-alone support


Beta Test

Beta testing currently supports
manual checks only.

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You can upgrade at any time

  • 1,000 verified emails per year
  • 1 user
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CalcItNow, a SMOps Software solution, enables you to do field formula calculations in your MAP and CRM.


VerifyThisEmail, a SMOps Software solution, provides you an integrated method to verify email addresses.