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Available solutions SMOps Software

  • CalcItNow


    Create formulas with ease for your favourite marketing automation platform with the formulas wizard. CALCITNOW© integrates with your platform with a ReST API. After license purchase, you can have your first formulas set up in just a few minutes.

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  • VerifyThisEmail

    Verify emails

    Automatically verify email addresses for format, domain, mx-records, and ports. If your MAP is natively supported there's no need to created fields or what so ever!

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SMOps Sites Map
SMOps Software BV


The international website for SMOps Interim & Advies BV (English).


Navigate directly to blogs written by Diederik Martens on the international SMOps website (English).


The SMOps Interim & Advies BV website for the Netherlands (Dutch).


Go directly to the Dutch blogs written on the dutch SMOps website (Dutch).
SMOps Software BV


The SMOps Software website, provider of sales- and marketing operations cloud applications.


CalcItNow, a SMOps Software solution, enables you to do field formula calculations in your MAP and CRM.


VerifyThisEmail, a SMOps Software solution, provides you an integrated method to verify email addresses.