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    Create formulas with field values to automatically store the result in another field.

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SMOps Software BV enables companies and their marketing and sales teams to excel in their commercial efforts. Levering great marketing and sales technology technology in the cloud. Either stand-alone or well integrated with top marketing automation and crm providers, such as Marketo and Salesforce.

We provide solutions such as CalcItNow.com and VerifyThisEmail.com. All of our solutions are simply managed from your free SMOps Soft account. Our solutions are hosted around the world. Pretty much in the same data centers as the big marketing automation and crm providers we integrate with.

Great Technology SMOps Software BV

SMOps Software

goals and vision

Enabling commercial colleagues to excel in their sales and marketing efforts by leveraging great technology.

Sales & Marketing

technology for success

Integrated solutions for marketing automation (e.g. Marketo), CRM, and Sales Automation (e.g. Salesforce).


founded in 2016

Though SMOps Software was founded in 2016, SMOps Interim & Advice was founded back in 2008.


integrated ticketing system

Our solutions are easy to use, but just in case we have a support ticketing system and FAQ.


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Your free SMOps account enables you to purchase and manage all your licenses and users for multiple solutions.

SMOps Sites Map
SMOps Software BV


The international website for SMOps Interim & Advies BV (English).


Navigate directly to blogs written by Diederik Martens on the international SMOps website (English).


The SMOps Interim & Advies BV website for the Netherlands (Dutch).


Go directly to the Dutch blogs written on the dutch SMOps website (Dutch).
SMOps Software BV


The SMOps Software website, provider of sales- and marketing operations cloud applications.


CalcItNow, a SMOps Software solution, enables you to do field formula calculations in your MAP and CRM.


VerifyThisEmail, a SMOps Software solution, provides you an integrated method to verify email addresses.